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How WE Work

We put the ball in your court.

With more than 40 years of collective operating and venture experience, we provide our CEOs (the company's "point guard") with the support, guidance, and resources they need to lead their teams to wins — helping them build long-term success.

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Founder Focus

We work tirelessly with founders and teams to build great companies with shareholders in mind.

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We are a team of proven, successful operators, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

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Global Network

We have access to industry experts and resources to help companies scale around the world.

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Investor Relations

We provide opportunities for co-investing and follow-on financing with established investment partners and firms.

Meet our Founder: Krish Panu

With extensive operating experience under his belt, Krish Panu founded PointGuard Ventures with the vision of combining growth financing, strategic guidance, and global expertise to build and scale the most cutting-edge technology companies. As Managing Director, Krish works tirelessly with founders and teams to achieve their goals and put them in the best position to succeed.

From Krish: "Building a business is a team sport, which is why we work diligently with our CEOs and management teams to find the right people for their organizations and design the best strategies to win.

As coaches, we preach the importance of what we call the "4 Ts" - Team, Technology, Timing, and Traction. Our goal is to help our entrepreneurs navigate, manage, and balance these concepts as they're building their companies."

Investment Team

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Krish Panu

Managing Director
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Operating Partner
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Operating Partner

Administrative Team

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Business Operations


We have an elite team of industry experts across Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, and Engineering who work with us to evaluate prospective companies and assist our portfolio companies with strategic initiatives. Our EIRs have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and relationships from their success at various prominent companies.


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