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Mass-deployable, high-performance medical diagnostics technology platform that can rapidly identify pathogens in clinical samples and detect genetic mutations that results in antibiotic resistance.

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Enterprise mobility solution that simplifies BYOD management by allowing companies to add multiple company-managed numbers to an employee-owned phone while integrating business communications productivity tools.

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Next generation suite of AI, ML, VR, and gesture control technologies with a current focus on AI framework and ML training optimizations that will enable companies to efficiently deploy models on their unique hardware and clusters.

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Award-winning predictive analytics software that allows companies to generate forecasts and look beyond their own walls for key external drivers of financial performance by analyzing millions of global metrics in real time.  

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Recent Exits


End-to-end corporate travel management solution that helps quickly and cost effectively oversee all of a company's travel needs using a full suite of products tailored to travelers, travel managers, TMCs, and suppliers. [Acquired by EHI, January 2019]


Cloud-based supplier management and recovery software for Fortune 100 companies that enables customers to easily onboard suppliers, ensure compliance, collect audit information, and improve communications. [Acquired by PRGX Global (NASDAQ: PRGX), November 2016]


On-demand home services company that aims to disrupt the $400B home repair industry by offering a faster and less expensive way to book and pay for household services online. [Acquired by Porch, August 2018]


IoT solutions company that delivers the leading technology platform for smart buildings using their game-changing sensor infrastructure, high-value applications, and scalable data collection network. [Acquired by Siemens, June 2018]

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